Cat Training Secrets to Get Your Cat Trained

When you train a cat, you must first understand that the mind of the cat is the food king and you are the purveyor of this magical and delicious food. The cat needs to understand that you are its only provider of happiness. Cats love to eat, but they like certain foods. I think you have realized that your cat is very picky and likes certain foods more than others. I think shrimp, tuna, any fish, chicken are most favorites.

The key is to find the favorite because you are the answer to his favorite food and source of happiness. Once you get to the well, Cat will do almost anything to get to the well. Do you understand now?

Start slowly by calling him/her. If the cat comes to you when you call it, give it an ultimate delicacy. You can tempt him to eat delicious food, but you have to use his name so that he can associate his name with the delicious time.
Keep doing this for a few days and keep working hard, eventually you’ll get a cat that will show up when called.

It was so cool that a cat came when I got a call. However, this is a very important tool. think about it. Your cat may just love a good time. Can you go out? Well, if you live in a coyote country like me, you know how dangerous the outside world is for cats. Especially when the sun goes down and the coyotes start howling.

When I saw the posters of cats disappearing every day in my community, I was sad. This means to me that Coyotes has another cat, it doesn’t have to be. Now think how powerful the wonderful healing training is when your cat walks out the door, and it will eventually come out. Wouldn’t it be nice to call your cat and have it run to the front door? Of course it will, and you may have just saved his life.

Practice and practice until your cat shows up when you call. Make sure to use the ultimate delicacy he really likes or it won’t be as potent. Think about whether you were that cat. Are you going to run for a piece of lettuce, or are you going to run for your favorite food, for me pizza can make me run.

Personally, I find shrimp almost irresistible to cats, they love things like catnip.

Just buy the super small salad shrimp in the freezer bag as delicious food, and you can’t go wrong. Make sure that it does not spoil after thawing.

My cats come when called, sit down, give me their paws, use what I call the bathroom (toilet training), and stay in the house, all because of the time I’ve spent. I’ve been studying cats for a while and can help you solve any cat training problems you may have. Cat whisperer, if I do say so myself.


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