10 healthy foods for cats

I love cats. All kinds of them, but especially kitties. I’m also a fan of food, cooking and eating it. It’s only natural that the two should come together to make… well… Cat Food!

I’m not talking about fishy stuff made out of ground up fish parts (that sounds like something my daughter would do – you know, the one who doesn’t have a cat) but actual food that is healthy and good for cats to eat. Although I like treats as much as any cat (or child), my primary interest is feeding them something nutritious and healthy.

“My name is Cuddles and I approve this message.”

Cats can be finicky. I remember talking with my friend about what kind of food she was going to feed the cat she had just adopted. She said that the previous owner gave her some dry food but it didn’t seem to sit well with him. The new guy threw up every time he ate it, so she stopped feeding him any more of it.

She was thinking about getting some of the really expensive wet food that he liked, but she wasn’t sure if it would make him sick again.

And then I heard the owner of my local pet store (that sells both dry and canned cat food) say that she started seeing a lot more cats coming in for vomiting and diarrhea problems. She thinks it’s because they are eating more wet food, which has a lot of sugar and less protein than dry food.

Since I haven’t seen you around here before, let me introduce myself – my name is Cuddles. A little over two years ago I was thrown out of my home with nothing but the shirt on my back (okay, it was a little catnip-scented shirt… but the point is – I didn’t have any other clothes). Fortunately, good people took me in and cared for me while I got healthy again.

Here’s what my new mom told me about all the different kinds of food that are available for cats to eat. Some of these foods are actually bad for cats, so just because it’s on this list doesn’t mean you should feed it to them every day! Also keep in mind that not all cats are alike, so what might be great food for one kitty may cause another cat to get sick.

The first group is wet food… which means food made out of meat broth with chunks of meat or fish still in it. It’s sold in cans or little foil pouches.

1) Chicken is one of the most popular meats to feed cats, but turkey and beef are okay too. Pork is okay in small amounts, but not every day (a little like people – you wouldn’t want to eat pork chops four times a week).

2) Ocean fish (salmon, tuna, sardines etc.) are good choices for your cat to eat because they get their Omega-3 fatty acids from them. Cats need this for healthy skin and coats!

3) Cottage cheese/cottage cheese like food (it comes in different flavors) has more protein than other dairy products like milk or yogurt And did you know that some cats actually like cheese?

4) Eggs are good for cats to eat, just be sure the shells aren’t cracked and that there is no salmonella poisoning. The yolks and whites can be mixed together and then scrambled or made into an omelette (no onions though because it could upset your kitty’s tummy).

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