What Cat Care Reveals About You

You are a good parent.

…to your cat. Here’s why:

·         You are affectionate, with present-moment awareness, even when you are busy.  You rub the kitty’s cheeks, ears and head before you feed her or pet her or scoop out the litter box. You know that this is the best kind of attention she can get.

·         You are gentle when you handle her.  You don’t just grab here or there, yanking, poking or prodding in an ignorant way. Your hands are exploratory, your touch is calming much of the time, and when you set out to groom her or give medications it’s done with steady pressure to let her know you mean well by it.

·         You feed her high-quality food.  She eats better than anyone else in the household! And when she doesn’t eat all of what you offer, you leave some for another day rather than dump it in the trash so “she won’t starve herself.”

·               You brush her teeth.  You don’t give up trying to clean them no matter how much she protests.

·         You bring your cat to the veterinarian for wellness exams and vaccinations, even though it’s sometimes inconvenient or stressful for both of you.

·         You are ready with a clever solution when your scrupulous kitty starts chewing on cords, rubber bands, toxic houseplants or other inappropriate objects.

Like children, all companion animals need our good parenting skills every day! They deserve only the best, so caretakers can have high self-esteem knowing they are doing their absolute best for their furry family member(s).

Does this describe you? If not… why not?

To find out more about what makes you a good parent to your kitty, call us at (520) 884-2287 or visit our website www.catclinicaz.com .

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