Cat Care – The Proper Ways to Make a Difference in Their Lives

Cat care is important for you as the cat owner. You might think that it’s common sense to give your pet a loving home and provide them with food, water, and medical attention when necessary. Unfortunately, as research shows up to 48 million cats enter shelters every year as strays or from owners who can no longer care for them. Of those cats who are put into shelters, only around three million are adopted. We want to change that statistic.

How? Learning about cat care will help you share your home with a healthy and happy feline companion. With just a few steps, you can be on the path of being an excellent owner for your pet cat.

It is crucially important to make sure your cat gets regular veterinarian checkups, including boosters for their vaccinations and tests for illnesses like ticks or worms. You should also keep up-to-date any medications or treatments they may need to manage chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes.

As cats age, it is crucial that they continue with regular veterinary appointments! They are likely to develop certain conditions common in older cats such as kidney disease, arthritis, and diabetes. This means regular checkups and tests to make sure everything is alright.

If you’ve never had a cat before, we highly recommend that you get two cats! This may seem like an odd suggestion but the truth of the matter is they keep each other company and tend to be far less destructive when they have a friend around. Plus it is always good to have broad experience with your pet in case something happens to one of them later down the line.

It’s also important that you do not punish your cat for accidents such as urinating outside their litter box or scratching furniture. Punishing or scolding them will only make things worse! Instead, take them back to their litter box and give them a treat for going there.

This may seem obvious, but cats are incredibly sensitive to temperature and humidity. Ensure they have a warm, cozy place in your home to snuggle up when it’s cold outside! Also be aware that if you have the air conditioning on, they will most likely try to find somewhere with warmer temperatures. In hotter weather, ensure they have a nice shady spot in your garden or in the house where they can keep cool.

One of the best ways to ensure happy and healthy cats is by giving them plenty of things to do, including scratching posts and items such as tunnels and boxes which appeal to their natural instincts to hunt and climb. This will give them an outlet for their energy whilst ensuring that your furniture doesn’t get ruined!

It’s important to never feed your cat on an empty stomach as this can lead to indigestion and illness. Therefore, always make sure they have had food available before giving them anything else. However, be aware that their nutritional requirements change over time so we recommend feeding them different types of foods throughout the course of their lives. Most adult cats should be fed a nutritionally complete diet at least twice a day but kittens should be fed three times a day until they are 12 months old and then twice daily until they reach adulthood (about 7 years).

We hope these tips will help you care for your feline friend! If you would like more tips along the way such as to know when its time for your cat to see a veterinarian, we recommend checking out other articles on our website and learning more about your pet’s needs. Additionally, you should know that if you ever have any questions or concerns we are always here to help so don’t hesitate to ask!

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