What is Proper Cat Care?

Proper Cat Care

Cats are adorable, loving little creatures that make for wonderful companions to their owners. However, they must be cared for in the proper way in order to ensure their continued health and happiness. This article contains information on how to care for your cat properly.

If you want a healthy cat you need to take them to the vet regularly. Cats need routine shots and examinations just like dogs do. Watched cats can seem very healthy but hidden problems can be present that will come out later in life if not treated at an early stage. A yearly exam is usually sufficient under normal circumstances but it is wise to check with your veterinarian here since they know your cat better than anyone else does.

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You may have heard that cats are cold and aloof creatures, but they are actually quite social. They enjoy the company of their humans almost as much as they desire to play. For exercise and entertainment, you will need to get your cat one or more toys. While many cats enjoy simple things like paper bags or balls of foil, some cats require more excitement in order to remain engaged with their owners. If you want a happy cat, try out different toys until you find something that suits them best.

Cats also need to scratch things in order to remove the sheaths from their claws every so often and keep them sharpened. When choosing a scratching post, be sure it is sturdy and tall enough for your cat to stretch out completely. If you find that your cat isn’t interested in the new scratching post, try sprinkling it with some catnip or planting a little tree near it so they can mark their territory.

Cats also need regular grooming. Brushing them on a daily basis keeps their coats clean and makes them more comfortable as well as reducing hairballs and other health problems. Ask a vet about which tools are best for this purpose. You may be advised to use things besides simple steel combs if you have an especially frisky cat that is hard to control due to excess energy levels. A vet will be able to advise you as well as your kitty’s behavior patterns indicate what they might need.

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