The Keys To Top Cat Care And Cat Training

In this article, I’m going to talk about the keys for having an amazing cat. To start with, you need to take a look at your life and see if it’s really possible to own a pet right now. These days people work seven day weeks and never seem to have time to spend relaxing with family and friends. If this sounds familiar, I wouldn’t recommend taking on animal responsibility – especially not one as complex as a cat!

What we think of as ‘easy pets’ such as goldfish or hamsters may actually be easier than cats because they don’t need that much attention outside of feeding them once or twice a week! A better choice might be rescuing an abandoned animal from the shelter, which is just what some people do.

The next thing to remember is that owning a pet is a life-long commitment. The average time for keeping an animal in the UK is only about five years, which means half of all pets are given up after one year. Some people will then purchase another animal immediately afterwards which contributes to the high number of abandoned animals – and this includes cats! I’ve found that there’s no easy way to break this cycle apart from avoiding it altogether by looking at whether or not you can make the long-term commitment before bringing an animal into your home.

You need to consider what kind of cat you’d like to take responsibility for. Be warned; these brilliant creatures come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something out there to match everyone’s taste! In terms of personalities, you can choose to adopt a shy cat who keeps to themselves or a social butterfly. There are also classifications such as longhaired and shorthaired too!

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as the best cat – it’s just down to personal preference and everyone wants something unique! You could even go for two cats if that makes sense in your household. Just remember that it is illegal to keep more than one cat unsterilised so this option should be avoided at all costs because you’re effectively signing up for many years of vet bills and potentially over-crowded conditions! For those people who prefer dogs but still want a furry friend, perhaps adopting a dog instead would be better – just be aware that cats are very territorial so this might not work out.

You’ll need to think about the costs of looking after a pet too. You can ballpark a figure by thinking about what you spend on food and other essentials over the course of a month. If care for your cat is going to cost around £400 per year, I would strongly recommend that you don’t get involved because this is a huge commitment even if all your spare funds go towards it. Remember that vet bills should also be included in the above estimate because they’re comparatively expensive in comparison to goldfish!

Another thing worth considering is how much free time you have available each day. Cats need at least an hour or two of love and attention every single day. Most experts recommend that you keep an eye on them for a minimum of two hours per day if possible. If you’re the sort of person who works most days and only gets back late in the evening, then perhaps owning a cat is not for you.

Just like cats need looking after, so do their homes! Cats are very particular about where they go to the toilet which can mean getting up at all hours of the night to let them out – and fighting with kitty litter isn’t everyone’s idea of fun either! You’ll need to put aside some time each week to clean out your cat’s litter tray and replace the old litter with fresh stuff. This is particularly important as cats like cleanliness too meaning they won’t use dirty litter trays to do their business.

If you think that owning a cat is well within your capabilities, go for it! Remember though, there’s no such thing as the best cat – just cats which suit different people better. Once you’ve chosen to adopt one animal through choice instead of because someone pressured you into it, then you’ll be doing society a great service because more abandoned animals will be re-homed!

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