Pet Cat Care and Health

A lot of people own a pet cat these days, and it is good to care for them properly. The following article provides information on how to take care of your feline friend.

Pet Cat Care and Health

Cat care is similar in many ways to dogs, but there are also major differences. Cats don’t need as much exercise, but they need to play. They are harder to train than dogs, and can be more independent.

Cats sleep between twelve and eighteen hours a day, which is quite a lot. As cats don’t really require exercise, it is important not to disrupt this rest time by trying to play with them too much. Like every animal though, cats do need interaction; playing with your cat for ten or fifteen minutes twice a day will keep it happy.

Being predators in the wild, domestic cats still retain many hunting instincts when in the house. It is these instincts that cause problem behaviour in some cats when owners aren’t around during the day; this can include “counter-surfing” into kitchen cupboards looking for food items left within reach. It is important to ensure that all food and medicine items are not within reaching distance of the cat in order to prevent this dangerous behaviour.

Cats also like to scratch things in your house, and it is better not to try and stop them from doing so as this forces them to use their claws at inappropriate times such as on furniture; always provide a scratching post if you want your cats claws to only be used where desired.

Cats can get quite aggressive when fighting, especially between male cats. Cats should never be allowed outdoors unsupervised because they could become involved in fights resulting in injuries or even death for the weaker party (the cat). They may also fight with other animals outside such as dogs, which could cause serious injury to the cat.

To stop your cats claws becoming overgrown, they will need their claws clipped about once every few weeks. Many vets and professional pet stores provide this service for a reasonable price. If you wish to do it yourself though, ensure that you purchase nail clippers designed for use on cats specifically; these are available at most pet stores and also from veterinarians.

For oral hygiene, it is important to brush a cat’s teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste specially designed for cats rather than the type intended for humans. It will require a little more force to clean a cat’s mouth as they have tougher gums than us, but after a while you should get used to the right amount of pressure needed each time. Like humans, it is important to brush a cat’s teeth every day.

Cats can get quite stressed when moving home or from one owner to another, and this stress can be harmful to their health. It is important that you keep your pet indoors during this time in order to reduce the stress levels as much as possible. In addition, cats need time after moving homes to settle down into new surroundings before they are allowed outside unsupervised again; normally about two weeks is required for this process.

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