Persian Cat Care: How is it Different

Persian cats are one of the most popular cat breeds today. The reason these kitties are so sought after is because they have such unique and lovable personalities.

But just like any other breed, Persian’s need to be taken care of properly in order for them to live healthy, happy lives. This article will discuss the basics of caring for a Persian cat: feeding, bathing and grooming.

I am not Persian and I do not profess to know everything there is about these gorgeous felines but from my experience from owning them this short period of time I can share at least some helpful tips on how you can make sure your furry family members stays healthy and their coats shiny!

Gourmet food – It seems that everywhere you turn, there is a new gourmet cat food. These are very popular because they usually have all the necessary nutrients that cats need in order to stay healthy. Just like humans, cats can develop certain dietary restrictions, so it’s a good idea to be aware of what your kitty likes and dislikes before stocking up on a huge amount of food.

Cat lovers- If you’re going to be sharing your home with Persian cats then you might want to invest in some items that will help them cope with living indoors. For example, it’s a good idea if their owners start training them from an early age how to use a scratching post instead of your furniture! Another thing is to make sure they have litter boxes inside the house. If the house is carpeted, then you’ll want to get a special litter that will help capture and mask any odors.

Persian cats- They need daily attention and grooming in order to maintain their beautiful coats. Nails should be clipped regularly and if there is hair mats on the coat, these should be combed out using a fine-tooth metal brush.

If your kitty has green eyes like mine do, (see pic) make sure they don’t develop any conjunctivitis – this nasty infection can occur due to lack of cleanliness in the eye area. There are many home remedies for this such as putting a few drops of breast milk into the affected eye several times every day until it goes away or using a warm compress on the eye area several times a day to soften up the gunk that’s accumulated.

*Tip from me – if you have Persian cats, you might want to invest in a baby monitor so that you’ll hear when they wake up or cry! With most baby monitors you can set them up anywhere in the house and I’ve been known to hear my furbabies crying at night through mine before…sometimes it’s scary!

Okay, now onto what they eat…my kitty eats a lot of dry food but he also gets some wet canned food as a treat every now and again. If your cat is overweight, this is definitely something you should watch because obesity can shorten lifespan by several years. My cat eats twice a day – once in the morning and another time in the evening.

*Tip from me – leave some food out for your kitty all day long so that they can nibble throughout the day if they are hungry! This will help to prevent them from getting into big old “food comas.” Persian kittens grow SUPER FAST, just like human babies do so it’s important not to overfeed them. When I first got my kitty she was on Mature Cat food because she was around 6 months when I got her (I think). They said this would keep her full longer…for cats…right? Well she started gaining weight like crazy!!! Maybe it’s because of my own inexperience or maybe these new brands of cat foods are not what they claim to be (I don’t know) but my vet told me to switch her over to Kitten food only! It seems to have worked because now she’s back down to a healthy weight. I also feed the Persian kittens I’m nannying for the same thing – kitten food only, no treats or snacks except for some special occasions (like holidays).

If you’re thinking of adopting a Persian kitty then you might want to start brushing them every day. This will help build trust between you and your furry friend so that it’s less stressful when it comes time for grooming or other doctor visits. If you brush their coat daily, this will help ensure there are no tangles in their hair which may cause discomfort. If you notice a lot of tangles while grooming your pet, you can make the process easier by using some cat detangling spray which may help to remove the knots without pulling their hair out.

*Tip from me – if you’re not sure how to brush your Persian kitty’s coat properly then watch this video on YouTube . Although it’s for showing off fancy cat coats in competition, at least there are tips in there that will show you how to properly brush and maintain your kitty’s fur.

You don’t really need special food bowls for cats but if you do decide to get them anyway, it can be comforting for your feline friend because they like routine. Also keep their litter box in one or two specific locations because if it’s too far away, they might not want to walk that far.

*Tip from me – get a cute litter box with big sides so your kitty has room inside without getting their paws dirty! I have this one in pink and purple which you can find on Amazon by clicking here . If the litter box is too high up for your furry friend, purchase some inexpensive pet steps at any local pet store or Walmart so they can reach it easily.

You don’t have to use clay litters, there are some out there that are better for the environment such as natural pine or recycled paper. Whatever type of cat litter you choose, make sure it doesn’t have a strong smell because Persian cats are naturally sensitive to smell.

*Tip from me – buy litter scoops with big holes so you don’t get stuck trying to scoop the litter box every day! This is the one I use and it was inexpensive, just $7 at Walmart .

Cats naturally like privacy when they do their business but some of them enjoy sharing a litter box with other cats or dogs that live in your home. You would be surprised what some kitties will do next door if they think there’s another cat using their litter! If this happens, divide the area into two separate boxes by placing a plastic barrier between them (like a storage container). Also make sure to clean the box regularly because if it smells like an ammonia bomb went off in there, they won’t want to use it!

When it comes to scratching, Persians need something durable and with a flat surface because they like to stretch out those back legs. If there’s nothing around that fits this description then they will do some serious damage on your couch or favorite chairs (I know from experience). You can purchase commercial scratching posts but make sure you find the right location in your home for one and spray some catnip onto the post so kitty is more inclined to scratch there instead of by Grandma’s expensive antique vase (hehehe).

*Tip from me – keep your Persian from destroying your furniture by offering them their own scratching post! I have three cats that fight over one of these things so just imagine if I hadn’t purchased a few of them for my furry friends. Here’s the one I use and it was only about $15 at Walmart- you can find it by clicking here .

Although Persians are known to be relaxed, dignified kitties they do develop some bad habits such as peeing on your expensive rug or chewing through your favorite pair of shoes. Cats show their displeasure when something upsets them in any way so if this happens, don’t raise your voice or hit kitty because you’ll regret it later. First of all, cats will remember that and secondly, if they knew how to speak English then they would tell you that Dr. Roach gave them good advice about how to deal with their problems (hehehe).

If your Persian cat starts chewing things, spray some Bitter Apple on whatever it is they are about to destroy so kitty won’t want to put their mouth on it. With peeing accidents, try using an enzymatic cleaner that will remove the odor of the urine because cats have a very acute sense of smell and will keep returning to that spot if they can still smell it.

*Tip from me – I got sick of cleaning up piddle stains all over my beige carpet so I set out on a mission to find something that would work without harming my precious little Persians. Solution? Nature’s Miracle! You can get this stuff at almost any pet store or Walmart for around $10- click here  to purchase it at a great price.

Persians are just like us when it comes to eating their food- they’re picky! They don’t want anything that tastes or smells funky so try serving your furry friend some of the same brands of canned and dry cat food over and over again until they get used to it. Persians also love having fresh water available for them 24/7 but make sure you clean the bowl on a regular basis because if there’s bacteria growing in there then kitty won’t want to drink from it.

When it comes to bathing, Persians do not need their fur washed very often because they naturally have oils that repel dirt. However, sometimes accidents happen (especially with my Oliver) plus cats get into things that make their coat dirty so they need to be bathed regularly. If you’re going to use a shampoo made specifically for cats, check the label first because it may contain chemicals that could irritate your cat’s skin if used too often.

When Persians shed their top coats in spring and fall, there’s no way to stop them from doing this unless you want to take away the joy of being a kitty (and we know this isn’t something you want to do). However, what you can do is give your Persian a daily brushing with a special brush called a FURminator which pulls out all those loose hairs before they turn into tumbleweeds flying all over your home! In addition, brushing will also reduce shedding by as much as 90% so it is well worth the effort.

*Tip from me – if you’re going to use a FURminator on your Persian, be sure to get one that’s designed for cats and not dogs because they can rip kitty’s hair out with those bigger versions (hehehe). Here’s the FURminator I buy for my babies- click here  to see it at

Persians are very affectionate and will often come up and rub their noses against you to show you how much they love you. This means that Persians need lots of cuddle time with their owners (or other family members) or else they may find ways to entertain themselves like climbing all over your keyboard as you’re trying to finish typing that important email.

*Tip from me – make sure your kitty doesn’t have access to any dangerous places like the kitchen or bathroom where there are a lot of things they could easily knock over and break. Also, make sure you give them lots of fun toys so they don’t start chewing on cords or anything else they shouldn’t be chewing on!

It’s true that Persians do not need much exercise since their bodies are designed for hours upon hours of napping but they do enjoy it when you play with them especially if the games involve feathers on a string or laser lights. In addition, getting kitty some time outside is always recommended for both their and mental health so consider investing in a kitty enclosure or getting them an outdoor cat cage.

*Tip from me – Make sure you protect your Persian by keeping their nails trimmed and also keep their ears clean to avoid infections like ear mites which can be very harmful (and expensive) to treat.

It’s common for Persians to develop dental problems as they get older so make sure you brush kitty’s teeth on a regular basis plus feed him dry food only since it helps remove plaque while moist canned food actually helps create more of it! It’s also important to take kitty in every 6 months for a check up with the veterinarian because if caught early enough, many diseases can be treated successfully. When I got my kitten Oliver, he was about 5 weeks old and I took him to the vet for a general checkup and he was very healthy though he did have pneumonia which we were able to treat quickly with antibiotics.

In conclusion, Persians are wonderful cats that get lots of attention from their owners plus get along well with children, other animals including dogs and strangers making them an all around great pet. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a Persian cat up close or watching one on TV but they do require special care so if you can provide this – your baby will be your baby for many years to come!

Aww! Anyone who owns a Persian knows how amazing these kitties are so thank you so much for sharing some great information about them! If anyone has any questions about caring for a Persian or any other breed of cat, please don’t hesitate to go to the ” Ask Me A Question page ” and leave a comment. I’ll be sure to answer you as soon as I can.

If anyone reading this has a cat – let me know in the comments! If I get enough, maybe I’ll do another post on different breeds of cats!

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