Cat Care: The Do’s And Don’ts

The first thing to know about cats is that they need a lot of good care. If you treat your cat poorly, it’s going to be stressed out and cause problems for your family. It may end up scratching your furniture or even the people in the house. While this might sound bad, remember that if you understand how to take care of a cat properly, then you’ll have no problems with it at all!

The basic needs of a cat are food and water/litter box, so we’ll start there. The second thing I want to cover is litter boxes: Many people don’t cover litter boxes and they think their house won’t smell like anything once they remove the litter box but trust me: You really should always put a lid on the box and keep it in a low-traffic area. You can also purchase cat litter that is specially scented for humans so you don’t have to worry about your house smelling bad.

The next thing we should cover is how often you need to feed your cats: With vet visits, this might be different but as far as I know, adult cats can eat twice a day; kittens should eat three times a day. Do NOT leave food out all day if you’re an adult cat because they will overeat and get fat (this is what happened with Zeus).

Brush/comb/bathroom: Regularly brush or comb your cat! You may think that cats are okay without baths but it’s not true: Cats need to be bathed, too! Try not to bathe your cat too often because it will stress them out and they won’t have a good time. If you have to give your cat a bath, try using a wet washcloth on their paws so they get used the water.

Please remember: Feeding a cat is NOT like feeding a dog! They do not need table scraps or milk. Also, cats should drink from bowls instead of cups or jars that might spill all over them.

Playtime: Playing with your cats is extremely important. In fact, I’ve read that playtime for each day should last at least fifteen minutes to build trust between you and your pet. You should also make sure you give your cat toys to play with so they have something to do when you’re at school or work. Also, make sure that your cat has scratching posts because if they don’t, then it will use your furniture as one.

Naps: Cats should sleep about eighteen hours a day! This sounds like a lot but trust me, the more you give them, the better off everyone is. You can find plenty of places for cats to sleep; try setting up beds for them and making little tents out of blankets. When I first got Zeus (two years ago), he would sleep under my bed all day long and only come out to eat and use the litter box. Now he sleeps on top of my pillow every night! He’s much happier now that he has a better life.

If you’ve read the article up to now, CONGRATULATIONS! You are now an expert on how to take care of your cat. Now let’s go over some tips for taking care of cats that will save you some time and energy (trust me, your cats will love you more if can make their lives easier!)

1) If anything unusual happens like Zeus pukes or cries really loudly, don’t punish him by swatting him down or grabbing him; it’ll scare him, which might make him lash out at you. Just try to comfort him (don’t give them human food because they won’t like it).

2) Remember: Talk when giving orders to your cat. Cats have a keen sense of hearing so they will listen to what you say.

3) Try not to punish your cats for human mistakes, like when you step on them or when the table leg gets knocked off and they fall out of it. They won’t understand the punishment since they’re just doing their job as a cat!

How To Talk To Your Cat: Here’s a few tips from me to help you speak with your cat in a language that he/she will understand. A lot of this is common sense, but I’m putting it here anyway because there might be some people who don’t know how to talk properly with their pets:

-Whenever you tell Zeus something, make sure you look him straight in the eye, speak sternly, and only use simple words.

-If you want Zeus to come here or go there, say “come” or “here” first, then point at the destination after.

-Always reward your cat for doing something good so they’ll do it more often. This can be a treat or a pet on the head.

-Whenever Zeus does something wrong (like scratching the furniture), stay calm and firm when you tell him not to do it again. Don’t scream because he won’t understand why you’re upset! If you yell at him too much, he might start avoiding you altogether which is really bad for both of you!

-Reward your cat with treats whenever it does something right (like using the scratching post instead of your couch or stairs).

-Don’t forget to praise your cat when it does something good. I always call Zeus over and give him treats whenever he uses the litter box!

-If you’re sitting down, make sure to pet your cat every once in a while so they know they’re doing something right.

-Cats should never be controlled by fear but by kindness because that’s what they understand best. If you beat them for not obeying then they won’t trust you anymore and will avoid you whenever possible which is horrible because then who would love them?

That’s all for today, everyone! Hope this guide helps anyone who wants to have the best relationship with their cats as possible!! Good luck

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