Cat Care: Essential Requirements

Cats are one of the best pets to have in your family. You love them like they’re your own children, and you would do anything for them. It’s vital that you give them the proper care in order for them to live a full life; in this article we will go over some simple steps in how to keep your cat healthy.

First things first… when adopting or purchasing a new kitten or cat, make sure you know what vaccines they already need (this is usually done when you visit the vet). If not, make sure you ask which vaccines they need; if any. Only get the ones your pet needs at the time; getting unnecessary vaccines can put your cat through too much stress for their little body to handle.

Now that you have your new kitty home, keep in mind these tips while caring for them:

1. Provide a clean environment for your cat. Make sure you clean their litter box every day, and scoop out any waste left over. After the box is cleaned, give it a fresh layer of litter or other suitable material to make it comfortable for them to use again. Never leave an unclean litter box around your cat; they don’t like using dirty bathrooms, and doing so can cause them physical pain (if not instinctual). 2. Feeding time! Your cat should be fed at least once per day; twice if they are especially active or bigger kitties. 3. Keep your cats claws trimmed! Cats need to scratch things to keep their claws from growing too long. If they have too long of a nail, it can be painful for them and cause terrible tearing in their nails. This is extremely easy to do; you can either take your kitty to a professional groomer or buy a small pair of clippers and cut them yourself (cat’s claws are very soft, so there isn’t much chance for cutting the quick).

4. Grooming! Cats should always be brushed once per week to keep their coats clean, healthy, and shiny! It also helps prevent hairballs from forming in the stomach, which could lead to blockages if not removed by surgery. You can purchase special brushes that specialize in catching loose hair, but any kind of brush will usually do.

5. Keep your cat active and entertained! Cats need exercise just as much as dogs do. There are many toys available at pet stores that can provide them with many hours of excitement and entertainment; toys such as fuzzy mice, balls, feathers on strings, etc… They also love “window perches” or shelves that allow them to look outside into their environment for passing birds, other cats, cars, etc…

6. Don’t overfeed your cat! Even though it may seem cute to give your kitty extra portions once in a while (or even every day), this is not good for them. Overweight cats are more likely to develop diabetes, heart diseases, liver failure/problems, etc… Feed only the amount your cat should eat in a day, and feed them at least twice per day. If you have multiple cats in your household, separate out their dinners so they don’t feel inclined to finish each other’s portions.

7. Grooming! Just like people, cats need baths once in a while to get rid of excessive dirt & oils that get stuck on their skin/coats. Use warm water, but not hot; it can be painful for them if its too hot. To bathe your kitty effectively without creating stress for either of you, buy kitty shampoo at any pet store (don’t bathe them with human shampoo unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer).

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